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BrainLAB  ExacTrac: Image guidance plays an important role in radiosurgery and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), thereby ensuring correct target localization and protection of adjacent organs at risk (OAR). Different imaging methods, including ultrasound, video imaging, dimensional radiographic imaging (kV and MV), computed tomography (CT) (conventional CT as well as kV and MV cone-beam CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are also image-guided radiotherapy. (IGRT) is used. BrainLAB ExacTrac X-Ray 6D stereotactic IGRT system is one of the systems used for this purpose.

ExacTrac is a highly accurate platform for patient position adjustment and tumor targeting. This system uses a combination of optical positioning and kV radiographic imaging to accurately prepare and position patients in therapy.

The highly automated image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) system ensures precise patient positioning in as fast as two minutes. With its treatment room-based design, it enables continuous monitoring of patient movement, including X-Ray verification throughout the entire treatment, even at rotated table angles.

The ExacTrac imaging system consists of two kV X-Ray units embedded in the treatment room floor and two amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors mounted on the ceiling. Thanks to this system, patients can be easily positioned and monitored with the integrated optical monitoring system of the system. The system uses high-resolution stereoscopic X-Ray images acquired before or during treatment administration or between areas to instantly detect and visualize internal structures and their displacements, thus enabling 6D (x / y / z and angular) fusion and fast, automatic Performs robotic alignment in two minutes. Dual generators in the system provide true stereoscopic imaging of the target structure. Breathing movements are visualized by obtaining stereoscopic fluoroscopy sequences. The integrated optical infrared monitoring system continuously monitors the patient's position throughout the treatment.

ExacTrac is a versatile IGRT system that allows easy and effective adjustment of the treatment position not only in the cranial but also in patients with lesions in the lung, liver, prostate, and other organs. In cranial indications, patient positioning is based on bone anatomy, while in extra-cranial indications, positioning can be based on either bone anatomy or pre-implanted clips.