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Education and Professional Experience: She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1976 and earned the titles of Radiation Oncology Specialist in 1980, Associate Professor in 1986, and Professor in 1992. She is the founder of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Ege University and has been the head of the department for 16 years, she is the founder of the Department of Basic Oncology at Ege University, SBE, and has been the head of the department for 7 years. At the same time, she served as the Director of Ege University Cancer Control Research and Application Center for 25 years. He is currently working in ONKOMER Oncology Center.

Experience Abroad: 1988, University of Cincinnati, Radiation Oncology Department-USA, Princess Margaret Cancer Center-Toronto, Canada.

Special Interests in Profession; In addition to all cancers, especially breast cancers, brain tumors, sarcomas, cancer epidemiology, basic oncology, stem cell, cancer stem cell, cancer biology, and immunology.

Professional Association Memberships: She is a member of international professional associations such as ESTRO, ASTRO, BUON and national professional associations such as Turkish Oncology Group (TOG), Turkish Radiation Oncology Association (TROD), İzmir Breast Diseases Association, Breast Cancer Fight Association (MEMEKANDER), and Neurooncology Association.

Publications; She has around 200 publications, authors, and editors, 9 international books, 6 of which are international, and 30 book chapters, most of which are international. Most of her books and publications are about breast cancer. The main ones are; “Principles And Practice Of Modern Radiation Therapy Techniques In Breast Cancer”, “Modern Radiotherapy Applications in Breast Cancer”. “Molecular and Genetic Approach to Breast Cancer”, “What You Want to Know About Breast Cancer, Answers to Your Questions”, “National Breast Cancer Consensus”, “Lung Cancers, Diagnosis and Treatment”.

Organizations; She has organized 25 congresses and symposiums, two of which are international, 23 of which are national, and 5 national courses have been organized.


Radiation Oncology Specialist